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Friday, November 18, 2011

Why i hate twilight.

Yes I know it's nothing new, someone disliking the Twilight movies. But it's my blog and I'll do whatever I want.

What don't I like about the books/movies? Let me count the ways;

  1. Bella is a manipulative bitch. Yes I said it. She treats her friends horribly, uses them when it suits her and never cares a bit about their feelings. Most of the book is her pretending to care about what they are saying as she pines over Edward.
  2. Edward is a controlling douche canoe. Oh man how sexy is a man who comes into your bedroom and watches you sleep without your knowledge? NOT SEXY AT ALL. Oh my God when did stalker turn into boyfriend material? Also the way he seems to always be pulling Bella (physically and mentally) along whatever course of action he decides is best really bothers me. Hello? Bella I know your a two-dimensional character but can you PLEASE GET A BACKBONE!??
  3. Bella is a robot. Yes. I don't care how lovely you find her, what does she do besides clean up after her dad and masturbate  think about Edward NOTHING. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY BORING. She has not outside interests, (oh wait in the first book she did read a book for a second)  I can't understand her character at all, all she does is sleep, make food and follow her sparkly boyfriend.
  4. Bella is willing to give up everything for a man. I'm sorry but hello?! does no one else find it odd that this woman is willing to throw away her relationships with her family just to get porked by a sparkling penis?
  5. The writing and acting sucks. I don't even have to add anything to this. It sucks. YOU KNOW IT DOES.

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