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I love my family like crazy, although we're a bit nutty I think we are more functional than most familes I've met. I like to blog and often am trying to figure out what site is best, so far I've settled on blogger. I love cats and very very well behaved dogs (but there really aren't that many around are there?) Diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I am trying not to let it define me.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I think that I have gained so much weight that you all can feel the earth tremor as I walk. I will hand out hard hats to anyone who needs them, because the falling debris can be dangerous. I hate hate hate how I look right now. Well I always hate how I look, but lately it's even worse. I am so very tired of looking at myself and seeing a fat piece of crud. I know that this is the eating disorder messing with my head but honestly it feels so true that it's hard for me to separate the reality from the ed.

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