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I love my family like crazy, although we're a bit nutty I think we are more functional than most familes I've met. I like to blog and often am trying to figure out what site is best, so far I've settled on blogger. I love cats and very very well behaved dogs (but there really aren't that many around are there?) Diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I am trying not to let it define me.

Monday, November 14, 2011

weekend at home.

I spent the weekend with my friends and family. It was very nice. My friend Amy went with, she is so easy to hang out with, very low key and easy going. It is very nice to be around people who aren't always demanding constant attention. My family loves her as well, my 1 year old nephew decided she was the best reader of his book and made her read it about a million times. By the end of the weekend I think she was ready to throw the book in the trash! 

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