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I love my family like crazy, although we're a bit nutty I think we are more functional than most familes I've met. I like to blog and often am trying to figure out what site is best, so far I've settled on blogger. I love cats and very very well behaved dogs (but there really aren't that many around are there?) Diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I am trying not to let it define me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Colds love me, I don't reciprocate

Owie, woke up after only 4 hours of sleep coughing and with earaches in both ears. Not fun. Hopefully this cold decides to skidaddle soon because let me tell you I'm so over it. I took some theraflu last night which apparently did squat for the cold because it didn't even last long enough for me to fall into a good sleep. Ok thats enough of me whining about stupid colds. Heres some pictures that caught my eye recently:

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