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Sunday, July 10, 2011

talent? meh not so much.

I am not a talented person. I can't draw, or sing, or write or do any of the things that would make people say, "she has so much talent" 

Of course that doesn't mean I'm not good at anything, but it does mean that the things I can do rarely get noticed. I think that's actually common. we tend to think of talent as something that has to be showy. When if I think about it there are a million things someone might have a knack for that will never ever be applauded on a stage or in reviews. 

And why should that make it any less of a talent? Or something to be proud of and praised. Not all God given gifts are meant for acclaim by the masses. And thank goodness for that. I can't imagine if every day we were expected to make a huge fuss over everyone's every good deeds and things they did well. It would be exhausting.

My nephew who is 1 likes to bang on his toy piano and afterwards he always looks around to make sure someone is watching. Then he'll get a huge grin on his face and start clapping for himself. 

Maybe that's what I need to start doing, applauding my own accomplishments, no matter if no one else does. If I can start to focus more on what I do right instead of wrong, maybe the eating disorder won't have such a hold on me anymore.

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