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Thursday, July 21, 2011

love shopping! too bad I'm broke!

The weather here is gorgeous. I walked down to my therapist's office today and afterwards met a friend for coffee. We browsed the cute little boutiques that line the downtown streets. One of my favorites is called "Global Village" which is a fair trade shop.

We also went to a locally owned candy store, man I was in heaven, but resisted buying anything. She bought a giant homemade peanut butter cup, which looked delicious. But the stores I really enjoy are the clothing ones. I found the cutest dresses! Way out of my price range but its fun to look. The one I really fell in love with was a black and gray retro number, hit about mid thigh and the top was black with gathered ruffles. Ah want it. Although I probably would just look like a giant foot ball player in it, since my shoulders seem very broad to me. Anyways, the dresses in that shop were gorgeous. If I had the money I think i'd shop exclusively at boutiques for most of my clothing. I love knowing that not everyone will have exactly the same thing as me.

The boutique is called "Marcasa" and they actually have a blog.

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