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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Facebook and Gretel

I woke up today and called my mom (who we also call Gretel, don't ask me why I don't know!)
First thing out of her mouth is "Did you see the video on facebook?"

"No Mom, I don't even have a facebook anymore, remember?" I say distractedly trying to remember how many scoops of coffee I've already put into my coffee maker

"Oh" I can practically see the sad face over the phone

"Why should I?" 

"Because your sister posted Serena's singing entry and its so good!" Gretel says enthusiastically over my brother yelling at me that he loves his c.d. I made him (duh, everyone loves Nine Inch Nails).

"Damn, now I want to see it. Which means I have to resign up for the stupid site. ugh" I say slightly miffed. 

So after hanging up I do just that and send a friend request to my sister and ONLY my sister. Within two seconds I get a request from a chick I used to have group therapy with, meh Oh facebook bringing together people who aren't actually friends just for the fact that they can't resist clicking on "recommended friends"

Oh and the really funny part of this is: My mom doesn't even own a computer, she is convinced they are child porn machines set to destroy our society. 

But shes all for her kids having them. She's such a pimp.

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