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I love my family like crazy, although we're a bit nutty I think we are more functional than most familes I've met. I like to blog and often am trying to figure out what site is best, so far I've settled on blogger. I love cats and very very well behaved dogs (but there really aren't that many around are there?) Diagnosed with an eating disorder, but I am trying not to let it define me.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

fat and ugly.

God I hate when people feel the need to say, "You're not ugly" It is so annoying. There are worse things in life than not having a pretty face. Like having an ugly personality. I would rather be nice than pretty. Sure it'd be nice to be both, but that's not how life works and trying to deny what you are or aren't is such a waste of time. I do admit that's why I focus on being thin, I can't change my face but I can at least try to be skinny. Yes it's shallow but in my mind its better to be the ugly skinny girl than to be fat and ugly. Heck who in their right mind wold want to be both of those things? I feel like the less space I take up the less noticeable my ugly face is

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