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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Drunk Neighbors....yeah

My neighbors get drunk almost EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. I will be sound asleep and here they come running down the hall like their hair's on fire. Last night i heard on of them yelling "I hate you!" over and over again. I then heard the other girl yell some jibberish back at her. After that I turned on my fan to full blast and luckily was able to fall back asleep.
I wonder how these chicks can drink so much. i mean yeah I drink...but not every night and certainly not on school nights. I know that sounds geeky but I'm currently on academic probation, so its really important I do well. Anyways I'm all for partying, but must they wake me up? Ugh. And of course I'm to timid to tell them to shut up. My old roomie would have been great in this situation, she was so good at just saying, "shut up". I need to channel my inner aggressor and stand up for myself. Ha like that will ever happen!! I don't like confrontation. I really hate it. I think it is because growing up the house was usually in chaos mode. Full on screaming, throwing things, etc. I still get really uncomfortable when it comes to arguments. Last time I was home my sister and her husband had a tiny fight and I had to leave the room. I just have no coping skills with it.

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