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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Ignorant Bitch

I saw a youtube video today that really upset me. It was a girl who was ranting about how stupid and lazy people with eating disorders are. Do people really think like this? I mean I understand not understanding eating disorders, but to out right say such mean and hateful things? 

I can only chalk it up to her youth and ignorance. She says that anorexics are just lazy and should take a walk. oh the lolz. Girl you need some major education on what eating disorders are. People with eating disorders aren't all lazy, we aren't starving ourselves because we're too lazy to exercise. Many people with eds also struggle with over exercising. There has been many times where I was so sick I could hardly manage to pull on my sneakers to go to the gym, but I did because that voice in my head kept telling me I was worthless if I didn't. 

How dare you call people with eating disorders stupid, how dare you presume to know the millions of men and women who struggle everyday with this, how dare you post your vile hate filled rants on youtube. I hope that you can someday grow up enough to see past the nose on your face, because if you don't someday the universe is going to bring a smack down on you so hard that your head will spin.

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