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Friday, August 5, 2011

excuse me while I rant.

rage/rant about tips and tricks
why on earth do people feel the need to give tips on fasting and purging? do they NOT have any fucking idea what it feels like to be perpetually tormented by numbers, weight,food, your own body?
and if they do know, what that feels like, why in the hell would you give out tips? i don’t fucking care who you think you are, IT IS NOT OK TO GIVE OUT TIPS ON HOW TO FUCKING FAST, RESTRICT OR PURGE.
I’ve had an e.d. for more years than i care to count. and in none of that time have I ever said to myself “GEE THIS IS SO GREAT, I HOPE I CAN HELP OTHERS FAST AND PURGE LIKE ME!”
because i wouldn’t want that. i wouldn’t want anyone to feel like this. its horrible. its lying to friends and family, its losing friends, missing out on opportunities missing out on LIFE.
to me giving out tips and tricks is ignorant and selfish. just don’t do it. think about who may be reading your blog/watching that youtube video, it may be a girl who is still young and naive enough not to understand what these behaviors can do to them, do to their families and friends. because believe me, eating disorders effect every person in their orbit.

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