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Friday, August 26, 2011

Beautiful is an over used compliment.

I've been thinking lately about the compliment, "You're beautiful" . I've decided that I don't like it. Its vague, its superficial and I'm going to try not to use it as much anymore. Why do we feel the need to compliment on the outward appearance of other women at all? I would much rather have someone say to me, "you are kind, you are thoughtful, you are a hardworker," etc etc. A comment like you're beautiful, well thats just a bit flat isn't it? In what way am I beautiful? Why say it? Maybe its time we start to focus on what we women are on the inside rather than forever focusing on what the eye can see.

One of the most beautiful women I know would never win a beauty contest. But what makes her beautiful to me is what a faithful and kind friend she is. How she is always here for the people she loves. I know I can count on her to be here if I need her, and I will reciprocate that. I love her, has nothing to do with her beauty. If I wanted to compliment her, it would be a disservice to her to tell her she's beautiful. I would rather tell her that she is strong, quirky, endearing and loveable.

Am I alone in my thinking ? Which would you rather be told?

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