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Saturday, July 23, 2011

child abuse rant.

Another child was beaten in my hometown. A little 15 year old baby is in critical condition. This is not right. It breaks my heart. I want to help, I want to pick up that baby girl and tell her that no one will ever, ever hurt her again. I want to make sure that no child is mistreated. I want so badly to make all children who are going through  abuse know that there are people who are loving, who will not hurt them. But I know I can't do that. I can't save every child. I just know that I am sick of what is going on here. I am so tired of opening up the paper and seeing another little precious life forever altered by an abuser. Its got to stop. I feel so overwhelmed right now with emotion. Maybe I'm just too emotional, but this kind of story just really breaks my heart.
Nearly five children die every day in America from abuse and neglect.
(think about that. think of 5 children you know, now imagine them suffering so severely that they end up dead. )

Victims in the age group of birth to 1 year had the highest rate of victimization, at 20.6 per 1,000 children of the same age group in the national population.
(babies, those are babies that are victimized the most.!)

Of the children who experienced maltreatment or abuse, over 75% experienced neglect; more than 15% were physically abused; just under 10% were sexually abused; and just under 10% were psychologically maltreated.
(I'll bet you that those numbers are higher, especially for the sexual abuse and the psychological abuse)

I believe words can hurt a child just as much as physical abuse. A child deserves to be built up. You wouldn't start  a garden by pouring down concrete, you don't build a child's emotional well being by dropping verbal bombs on them.

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